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Our firm offers experienced DUI defense in Utah

Our firm handles any DUI situation, whether it be a first offense or a felony DUI charge. With thousands of DUI hearings under our belt, we fight to keep your license and to reduce or dismiss your charges. We also provide excellent legal defense services for other drug related crimes such as possession, distribution and production.

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Felony, white collar, violent and sex crime defense

Major criminal charges carry large penalties and long term consequences if you are convicted. Our firm is committed to defend your rights, protect your reputation, and guard you from long term financial loss and other painful consequences.

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Providing objective advice and legal counsel in Utah courts

Divorce has to be one of the most challenging times in a person’s life. Our lawyers and family law attorneys are here to help you make sound, long term decisions that keep the best interest of the children in the forefront. We help to keep you objective and ensure that your rights are protected.

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Helping you achieve change when your decree no longer fits the circumstances

Divorced families experience change as much as anyone, and original divorce decrees often become obsolete, turning into a hindrance to good communication and the well being of children. Our family law attorneys help you mediate through disagreements and file to modify your divorce decree in order to help you achieve the desired changes.

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Clear your name and clean your background check

We believe in your right to a fresh start. You can get your criminal record expunged and a clean background check. We offer expungment legal advice and can help you through the process. Please contact our office for more information.


Casey T. Hoyer graduated from prestigious Willamette University College of Law in 2003, and has been practicing family and criminal law since that time in Oregon, and now in northern Utah.
Casey believes in really listening to his clients’ concerns and being empathetic with their situations, while also fiercely protecting their rights and their future. Learn more about Casey here.

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I strive to put myself in the shoes of my clients.  I understand that they are worried about many issues – money and experiencing stress and anxiety about issues involving legal system.  As your advocate and your trusted family law attorneys, we are committed to the following guiding principles:


My staff and I are committed to return phone calls and emails within one business day.  We will also listen and strive to understand and meet your individualized needs.  Your case will receive the client-focused, personalized attention to detail that it deserves.


I will explain each step of the legal process in layman terms, not legalese.  I will also keep you regularly informed as to the progress and status of your case.   You will receive an honest evaluation of your case.


I commit to keeping client interests, costs and efficient case resolution in mind.  To avoid “nickel and dime-ing” you, I will ask myself: “If I were paying out of pocket, would I perform this service?” This is why we are rated one of the best lawyers in the state.


Although the legal world is often risk-averse and reactive, I will not be afraid to aggressively, passionately and zealously fight for your interests, while also thinking outside the box toward creative and result-oriented solutions to problems.


  • “I’ve known Casey Hoyer for the last few years. During that time he has exhibited consistent dependability, honesty, and compassion. On top of that, I know him to be a very hard worker. Those are all traits that have been important to me in my friends and business associates. I would not hesitate to seek Casey’s support on anything.”

    Dan Johnston
  • “Casey Hoyer is someone I’ve known for many years. I know him to be very trustworthy and reliable man. Being a man of faith, he’s someone who can be counted on to do what he says he will. I’ve also seen him be a committed husband and father. I highly recommend Casey to anyone who is in need of excellent service and results.”

    Margaret Hansen
  • “Having known Casey for a few years, I am always impressed with his kindness and ability to understand all people. I’ve known Casey to be honest and upfront so he doesn’t waste anyones time. Great individual and someone who will do great work for the community.”

    Kellen Pecht
  • “Casey Hoyer is a phenomenal communicator which is exactly what you are looking for in an attorney. If you live in Lehi, UT or any of the surrounding areas I highly recommend him. He is honest and fair in his pricing.”

    Adam G. Smith
  • “Casey Hoyer provided excellent and honest, common-sense counsel when my business partner and I found ourselves dealing with a legal matter. I find Casey to be a good listener and his advice was the strategy needed to win our case. I recommend Casey for anyone needing to swiftly manage a tough legal situation.”

    Cody H.
  • “I trust Casey Hoyer. His long experience as an attorney, and – significantly – as a judge, qualifies him to provide effective legal counsel, while his compassion and great communication skills help him to understand people and circumstances, no matter how complex. Casey is the lawyer I want next to me when the time arises.”

    Greg Hansen
  • “My husband and I have been acquainted with Mr Hoyer for many years and we have always found him to be honest and forthright! He is diligent in the things he does and is not easily discouraged.”

    Patricia Craythorn
  • “Mr. Hoyer is one of the most honest and responsible people I know. We have been associated for over twenty years and I have always trusted his advice. You can count on Mr. Hoyer to represent your interest and be there when needed.”

    Randy Carr


We understand that when you reach out for legal help you are probably experiencing distress and/or out of the ordinary situations, and we strive to be empathetic and prompt.  For this reason we are committed to providing fast and accurate communication with our clients.  Please contact us by phone or email, or complete the “Request Your Free Phone Consultation” form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We offer free phone consultations for limited time, for the purpose of determining if a client-attorney relationship is appropriate.  We do not offer free legal advice or free in-person consultations.

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“The legal system is often a mystery, and we, its priests, preside over rituals baffling to everyday citizens.”

Henri Miller



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